Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Good News.... And to Hoping it's Always Good News

The appointment at the RE today went better than we had expected. Faster, too. We went in for the ultrasound accosting, and I had some questions about the trigger. The nurse said that she'd show us how to do it, but it was probably too early to trigger today. The doc then came in to do his duty.... He said that my lining looked good, and that I had two follicles measuring 17 & 19!! He said that I could go ahead and trigger right then and there! He said that I responded well to the Clomid. Way to be overachievers, ovaries! So.... We have strict 'family time' instructions (the husband was as far from disappointed as he could get), and I take a pregnancy test in 2 weeks. Now, I just need to fight the urge to think about it, take eleventy pregnancy tests, and learn to relax in the next two weeks. Hahahaha!

So if you try to contact us in the next couple of days and we don't answer, it's safe to say that you already know what we're up to.  :)

I'll probably update in a few days, since I've heard that I might feel like crap or have moments of insanity. I definitely took a ride on the Clomid crazy train there for a few days. Wow- I cried at just about anything for 2 days straight. And then I watched Patch Adams. Not my brightest idea. Hopefully I've learned my lesson.

Keep those good thoughts a-comin'!!


  1. I am really fighting the urge to teach you how to "test out the trigger" and invite a whole lotta crazy into your life, LOL.

    Super good news, friend! I hope your overachieving ovaries keep up the trend!! :)

  2. Ashleigh! Yayyy!!! Great news! And great follie sizes! Wow! I have my whole body crossed for the next two weeks for ya. ;)