Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm Having a Pity Party, and You're Invited!

Ugh. I'm just having a rough day. I'm emotional, and stressed, and just UGH. Too many things have been frustrating me this week.  Here is a list:

- Finals week came and went.  When my grade for my Physiology final posted, it said I got a 0%. Um, what?!?!? How did I not get ONE question right?? I emailed my instructor and also the dragon lady (I've never actually met her, I've just heard stories) who writes the tests and inputs the grades. She emails me back a couple of days later telling me that she found my Scantron sheet still in the folder. I got a 42%. Still not even close to passing, or even meeting the requirement to pass the class with a C, but it at least eased my mind a little to know that I didn't get every single question wrong.  I also took an online class (Medical Terminology). I got an A on the final, which brought my 'weighted grade' to a 93.06%- an A in the class.... Or so I thought. I looked at my final grades and I somehow got a B in the class. I have emailed that instructor as well, and hope she replies soon. This kind of stuff just makes me feel like a total loser and failure.

- I have a TON of things that I have to get done before my 1st semester of nursing school starts. I had to be a human pin cushion there for about a month, I had to go through a physical, a background check, and a drug screen. I have to upload a bunch of stuff to this website.... Well, all of this is due on the 21st, and I don't think that I'm going to have all of it in there. Yes, most of this is my fault. Some of it was out of my control. My doctor's office couldn't get me in for the physical until December 4th, I had to get a 2nd tb test, and I found out that I am not immune to chickenpox, so I have to go through a 2 step vaccination process (awesome, more needles). I was a crazy person while preparing for finals, and I just didn't put enough into getting the rest of the stuff (the drug screen and the background check) done on time. I hope it is not too much of an issue with getting into the program. I am in the process of getting everything done, but some of the stuff takes 3-5 business days. Whoops. I can't believe I waited too long. Once again, feeling like a loser.

- Dear old Aunt Flo still hasn't arrived at our house. I'm not exactly sure what she's waiting for.... I feel like I have raging PMS all of the time, I've gained like 6 lbs because all I want to eat are carbs and chocolate. I am an emotional mess. I have cramps. I'm bloated. My boobs hurt (and I think they're swollen). Yet, NO FREAKING PERIOD. I finished the 10 days of Prometrium and didn't start. So I called my doctor, and they said to wait 10 more days. Um, that lands me right on Christmas Eve. My birthday is on Christmas Day. My anxiety level is through the roof. It's probably not a good idea to set me off this week. Or next. Or any week until AF shows her ugly dragon lady face (maybe that lady from school is actually my aunt). Chances are, all I'm going to do is become a massive heap of tears. But I may yell at you. I don't mean it, I swear. It's my uterus and ovaries that are making me do it. I'm normally a pretty nice lady. I just feel very much on edge right now. And, as in the previous statements above, a total flipping loser.

Ok, I think I'm done with this Pity Party. I'm going to take my party hat off and put on my big girl panties now. Well, I'm going to try to. No guarantees. Sigh.

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